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Monthly Reflection

April 2014

"A shield before me is God,
who saves the upright of heart."
-Psalm 7:11

Sometimes it can be terrifying to think about trying something new.  As abuse survivors, it can also be hard to even do things that are familiar to you. When you're caught in a fear-cycle from abuse, sometimes it you feel unable do the basics such as care for children, leave the house, or travel to work. You may feel overwhelmed, unprotected, or fearful. Gratefully, you have God's love surrounding you in a powerful way. It can help you to feel safe knowing God is always there with you in any situation.

Sometimes there is real fear and you need to ask for help from a friend, co-worker, counselor, or pastor to help you create a safer life. But if you know the fear arises from old traumas, consider using the Psalm above as an affirmation this month. When you feel fear, say to yourself, "A shield before me is God." Imagine God's love shielding you, surrounding you, and keeping you safe. 

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