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Monthly Reflection

July 2014

"Like a swallow I chirp;
I moan like a dove.
My eyes grow weary looking heavenward:
Lord, I am overwhelmed...."
-Isaiah 38:14

"That's it!," you think. You can't take it anymore. The memories of abuse are too much or triggers from the past keep you from fully living. Daily life is a struggle. We've all hit these days when we throw up our hands and cry out to God. 

But do we truly cry out to God or do we just cry out? When you find yourself having one of these days...or weeks...or months, try really crying out to God. Talk with God and pour out your troubles. God is with us in this healing journey and is ready to listen. You'll find that in sharing your heart with God, that God is there to console your heart and renew your spirit.

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