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"Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill the promises to her."


-Luke 1:45


The first book of its kind written specifically for Christian women healing from abuse. Those who care for women survivors will also find this book helpful. The book includes an explanation of the stages of healing that takes into account a woman's spirituality as part of the healing process, in addition to a series of daily meditations to use along one's healing journey.

What people are saying about Women Healing from Abuse:

"I purchased your book today "Women Healing from Abuse" as a victim/survivor of rape. It seems to be what I have been looking for because it emphasizes taking care of myself. I have found being there for others has still been important to me, but it is time to really give myself the space to put healing first...."  -Victoria 


Esprit: The magazine of Evangelical Lutheran Women,Inc.
"I recommend this book for women on their healing journeys, whether or not they belong to a faith tradition.... Although the target audience is women, men would also benefit by reading this book, recognizing themselves in the human story of abuse and healing. Thank you to Nicole for writing a book which is both timely and leads us towards more understanding, love and peace for ourselves as we heal."

-Laurie Massaro Berg

New Women/New Church, Spring 2007
"It is a gentle, practical invitation to women from the Christian tradition to use spiritual resources to overcome the devastating affects of violence. Nicole wisely draws on the work of Judith Herman (Trauma and Recovery. NY: Basic Books, 1992) to outline three stages of healing: safety, remembrance and mourning, and reconnection. She lays out a four-week process that readers can use for their healing.... It is all geared to help the survivor deal with the injustice of violence by accessing the deep resources of one religious tradition. I daresay it will help many women."

-Mary Hunt, Ph.D. Co-Director of WATER:Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual


by Nicole Sotelo


by Nicole Sotelo

Explore the spiritual practice of forgiveness and discover how to welcome God's healing into the painful places of your life. Forgiveness does not mean that you forget or approve of harm. Rather, forgiveness is a gentle process of welcoming God's peace into the wounds of your life and discovering a new freedom and greater love.

What people are saying about the book:

"A prayerful guide for anyone seeking to heal past hurts and discover greater peace in their life. What could be more beautiful?" -Michael Leach, publisher emeritus, Orbis Books and author of The Way of Forgiveness

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